Raiser Contracting has been featured in Twin Maples and Mansion in May. We have built rooms in each of these mansions to showcase our work and raise money for various charities. 


twin maples bar and wine cellar general contractor new jersey
Twin Maples

This wine tasting room, The Crush, was designed, built and furnished by Raiser Contracting and NLM Design Interiors.


From the program: "They restored a brick wall and cement floor in this basement space. The rear and side walls now feature maple cabinetry stained to look like aged mahogany. The cabinets have lighted niches paneled with antiqued glass to store and display wine bottles. A Tiffany stained glass transom graces the entry. Directly ahead, a rear-lighted “window” in the cabinet gives the impression you are on street level and features a faux wrought iron grate made of recycled material. A four-paneled door (not shown) depicts the harvest and crush of grapes. A slab of reclaimed redwood tops a custom wine server, while repurposed hickory bourbon barrels pull up to a cherry tasting table."


Design by NLM Designs  /  Photo by Marisa Pellegrini  /  www.designnewjersey.com


mansion in may closet general contractor new jersey
mansion in may closet general contractor new jersey
Mansion in May
Blairsden Mansion

This was our sixth appearance at the Mansion in May. We restored a cedar closet and transformed it into a victorian wardrobe, reminiscent of Victorian train cars. We restored the cedar, added moulding, hardware and cabinetry. We added a seating space with clothing storage. We used creative lighting set-ups to illuminate a dark, narrow space and create the illusion of a larger dressing room. 

Design by NLM Designs  /  www.mansioninmay.org