Our mission is to convey the importance of upholding our reputation of integrity, experience and impeccable construction. The majority of our business comes from long, established relationships with repeat clients who are thoroughly satisfied with our work. Our team is committed to creating the best possible experience for every new and repeat client.

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Welcome to Raiser Contracting. Thomas Raiser founded his full-service contracting firm over twenty years ago. Raiser Contracting is fully insured and registered with the state of New Jersey. Our team is made up of skilled, talented and experienced craftsmen. We specialize in home renovations - including additions, constructing wine cellars/bars, custom cabinetry, kitchen & bathroom remodeling, and installation of fine cabinetry & decorative trim. 


Over the years, Raiser Contracting has upgraded, remodeled, built and transformed countless homes in New Jersey and its surrounding areas.
We've gained extensive experience across the field with construction, electrical, plumbing and design, all the necessities to get your next project started. There is no need to hire multiple crews because we can do it all!


With our creative approach to custom furniture, we can manufacture a stunning and unique addition to any room in your house. We will work with you to achieve a common goal: to finish your request safely, correctly, on time and within budget while surpassing your expectations and producing high-quality results.


Our work has been showcased at Mansion in May numerous times and in
Twin Maples in 2008. As our reputation has spread, so has the diversity of our quality work. For more information or estimates please contact us.